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Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Wall (Day #3)

It's that time of the day again and I have not touched my wall toon at all since yesterday. I was a little later than usual as I was rapidly busy pushing out inks out of every place I could possibly push inks from :S (It was not pretty ). I still don't think I have enough inks but ended up making a plan :D.

I can honestly say that I did indeed underestimate the amount of work that would have to go into this whole process on top of deciding to start ill prepared. I think this plan has lost a lot of its effect in this. Not to mention the terribad prices of herbs on the AH and I swear to god that the world was hating me as well lol. There was a stage where I was flying on my usual Jade Forest herb path and for 1 whole hour nodes of herbs just were not spawning....Like nothing.

I certainly could not blame the Auction House of their high prices after witnessing the literal unavailability of the herbs.

I will however admit to another little setback. Thanks to a guild friend of mine, who told me about this other method of making gold that might be a viable option as I have some experience in this particular field. So these new ideas have distracted me a little bit as I was spending so much time trying to get this new little project off the bat but it was next to impossible. This new little project requires just as much herbs and things that the maintenance of the Glyph Wall needs.....which basically made me make the decision to put this second project on hold just for a bit...when the AH thang dies down then we can look into it again.

OK back on topic :D

Results of today's taking?:

How do you like that for lousy, lol :S It seems that undercutter A, my first challanger has noticed whats happening far sooner than what I expected :P Not all hope is lost :D

Initiate Wall #3 :D

3x Every glyph I can make
20g = Minimum Price
28g = Maximum Price
10g = Undercutting Price
48 Hour = Auction Duration

Guess we will just have to see how low he/she is willing to go :P

Cya tomorrow :D

Friday, April 4, 2014

Disappointing (Day #2)

So I know this is a little earlier than 24 hours in between but its ok I don't think it will make that much of a difference.

So I am a little disappointed at the results really. Seems the fact that I realized that I am missing WAY more glyphs than I thought, played a bigger role.

Although as I am typing this I seem to discover a particular player who is undercutting my initial wall :P Let the games begin :D

Initiate Glyph Wall 2.0

3x Every glyph I can make
22g = Minimum Price
30g = Maximum Price
6g = Undercutting Price
48 Hour = Auction Duration

Have a small feeling I jumped in a little ahead of myself here :S With the very high prices and limited amount of materials on the Auction House it has really made my decision to jump in with a wall without full stacks of glyphs. Although I am only posting 3x per glyph walls up, I think I am going to run into a little trouble :S

Lets see what happens over the next 24 hours :P

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Initiate (Day #1)

So it has come that time and I will venture into this and give it my all. I have no idea if this will fail or succeed but try I will nonetheless.

Initiate Glyph Wall!!!

3x Every glyph I can create (Yes I know still missing some)
25g = Minimum Price
35g = Maximum Price
8g = Undercutting Price
48 Hour = Auction Duration

Sales Data has been cleared and we are ready to get going!!

Fill those bags baby!!!

Good morning US-Jaedenar Auction House

It is now 05:18PM here in Thailand. I think I have earned myself some rest after a very busy 2 days.
See you all in 24 hours :P

The Gold Situation

Just wanted to show an update and go over my goals of this blog and my characters in World of Warcraft over the next...I don't know how long.

Current gold situation as of Wednesday April 03 02:02 PM (April 3rd is my birthday lol)

The Goal:

To accumulate as much gold as possible before the release of expansion :)

The Glyph Process

So I have come to realize, well actually I knew what I was getting myself into. I'm not about to give up and quit before I have even started so don't get that idea. This process just takes awfully long and yes it does get quite dull. Especially if the herbs on my server are fairly high priced at the moment and on top of that there is not even close to the amount of bulk back stock of herbs that I am going to need, looking into the future. This has forced me to farm all night...which if done for a couple of hours non-stop, is real taxing on the body.

I am currently sitting at roughly 4-5 of each glyph (That I can currently make).

This is the position I am at now and there is no chance that I can wage this full fledged war, ill prepared and what not. I have read quite a number of blogs of other people doing this sort of thing on their servers, hence what got me interested in this business. I am hoping to push my numbers up to around 6-8 of each glyph, which I still think is a low number but in between I will be going crazy like a monkey farming herbs and squishing out inks till my eyes pop out. Just in case something goes unexpectedly and I need to change my strategy.

The grinding process is tedious and time consuming. But I look into the future and see great things coming. I do hope it turns out the way I would like it to :P